Remembering Automotive History’s 10 Greatest Sports Car Flops


Within the automotive world, how a automobile sells can typically decide its final legacy. Amazingly, automobiles now generally known as the worst had been enormous sellers (the Chevy Vega bought 2 million fashions), proving people wished them. Additionally, numbers aren’t all the time every part as supercars aren’t meant for mass manufacturing, so, say, a Bugatti solely promoting 20 fashions does not make it a flop.

However the sports activities automobile world has seen its share of epic flops through the years. Some are apparent as horrible automobiles, however different circumstances are literally good (if not nice) sports activities automobiles that, for some cause, by no means took off. Whether or not unhealthy timing or advertising, they by no means join as they need to have. Listed here are ten of the worst-selling sports cars ever to indicate even an excellent machine can fail with shoppers.

10 Chrysler TC By Maserati

On paper, uniting two top car companies ought to have labored. In execution, it was a nightmare. To be honest, it had a incredible 2.2l four-cylinder for 220hp. However the overly elaborate body and the way-too-high value stored it out of the fingers of most would-be patrons.


The actual fact they could not resolve to promote it as a sports activities automobile or a grand tourer did not assist. They anticipated annual gross sales as much as 10,000, however solely 7,000 had been moved in three years. Even Lee Iaccoca had his errors.

9 Plymouth Prowler

Plymouth Prowler

First, it appears completely fabulous. There is no denying the Plymouth Prowler is attractive with its distinctive retro type and a automobile able to tear it up on the street. Sadly, the fact was a lot completely different.

Plymouth Prowler

Plymouth made the error of placing a weak V6 right into a automobile needing a V8, and the 214 hp could not deal with the distinctive body. It was additionally overpriced and barely bought below 12,000 fashions over 5 years. This cat was shortly neutered on the street.

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8 Cadillac Allante


Having a reputation randomly chosen by a pc will not be an excellent signal. Cadillac hoped the Allante would give them a winner just like the Mercedes Benz SL. It could not even match the gross sales numbers of a Saab.

By way of CyberSpaceAndTime

The 170 hp V8 was already weak, however given the automobile weighed over 3600 kilos, it was solely quick to 122 mph. The convertible choice was good, however the automobile suffered being inbuilt Italy after which despatched to the U.S. Over seven years, a complete of 21,430 had been produced with far much less bought for a serious flop.

7 1970 Triumph Stag

Triumph Stag

The Stag is historic for Triumph for all of the incorrect causes. It boasts one of many worst engines ever put right into a sports activities automobile, a 2.5L V8 with 145 hp that was so altered and shifted that it triggered scores of transmission issues.


Coolant leaks, blown gaskets, and even fires had been widespread. Over seven years, 19,000 had been bought throughout the U.Ok., and Individuals knew higher than to ask for a model. This was not a Triumph for the corporate.

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6 Alfa Romeo 4C

Typically a automobile can have all of the substances to be successful however by no means obtain that. When Alfa Romeo put out the 4C in 2013, they anticipated to provide a minimum of a thousand models a yr and improve it to 3500 inside three years. In 2019, they bought a complete of 144 and fewer than 2000 in its whole run.

Alfa Romeo 4C blue
By way of

It is baffling because the automobile presents a advantageous no-frills efficiency of 160 MPH, and the Spider doing higher. One way or the other, the common 4C is a uncommon misfire for Alfa Romeo.

5 1975 Triumph TR7

This automobile is why Triumph is now not round. The TR7 was poor in England with 105 hp, however the U.S. model lowered it to a horrible 95 hp (amazingly, they wished to name it “The Bullet”). It was gradual, cramped, and the interiors cheesy to the intense.

through Motor1

Lower than half of the 115,000 fashions ended up bought over a decade. The TR7J was marketed as “the form of issues to come back.” The one factor that got here after it was Triumph’s chapter.

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4 1976 Aston Martin Lagonda

The Drive

Placing a stability of sports activities and luxurious, Aston Martin is normally nice at sports activities automobiles. Sadly, the 1976 Lagonda was not considered one of their finest efforts. The wedge-shaped type was not like different Aston Martins and an intriguing 280 hp.

Aston Martin Lagonda V8 Swap
through Deliver a Trailer

Nevertheless, it was additionally insanely costly, and that very same type drove away those that wished a traditional Aston. Over 16 years, solely 645 Lagondas had been produced, which has to rank among the many firm’s worst sellers ever.

3 1980 Ferrari Mondial 8

through jalopnik

Yep, even Ferrari has their strikeouts. And the Mondial 8 is without doubt one of the greatest whiffed performances within the firm’s historical past. The rationale for its failure is that it could be the slowest Ferrari ever made. With 214 hp, it took practically 10 seconds to hit 60 mph, an eternity for a Ferrari.

through CarandDriver

It did not assist the corporate majorly overpriced it past most patrons. 703 in whole had been made, solely 145 emigrated to the U.S., and it is the simple contender for the worst Ferrari of all time.

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2 Bricklin SV-1

Bricklin SV-1 red
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This was going to launch a brand new wave of nice sports activities automobiles within the Seventies. The Bricklin SV-1 was so named for “security worth,” and it did boast modern options like impact-absorbing bumpers. It was additionally good within the efficiency with 220 hp. Sadly, the Bricklin was quickly hit by problems with reliability and energy failures that marred its efficiency.

1975 Bricklin SV-1 for auction

Firm issues had been additionally commonplace so roughly 3000 had been made in a single yr, half of which survive. It is a case of a automobile beloved by those that drove it however by no means reached success.

1 DeLorean DMC-12

DMC DeLorean
By way of

If not for Again to the Future, it is unlikely many as we speak would keep in mind the DeLorean DMC-12. This supposed “automobile of the longer term” obtained consideration for its design, notably the gullwing doorways and regarded enjoyable. Then got here the driving as the two.85L V6 solely put out 130 hp, which was pitiful even for the early ’80s.

By way of:

Simply 9000 had been made earlier than manufacturing ceased simply as the corporate filed for chapter. That film provided a greater legacy than the actual DeLorean deserved.


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